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  5. "Thực đơn và sách"

"Thực đơn sách"

Translation:Menu and book

August 6, 2016



The requirements for articles continues to either be very inconsistent across this course, or they simply aren't being taught very well. I can conceive of any reason, given what has been taught and how other exercises have been graded why 'The menu and book' should not be accepted. It's really incredibly frustrating, because it seems to me to be more likely to be inconsistency or strictures which aren't actually important.


I'm happy that this course is finally accepting words with the definite article. Until now every context-lacking "the menu and the book" type of phrase has just sounded like horrible spin offs of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."


This is very annoying.

In another one, I got the answer incorrect when I wrote only 'menu' and not 'the menu'. Now I got it incorrect for writing 'the menu' and not simply 'menu'.


Why "menu and books" is incorrect?


Im getting very angry about the fact the mods sometimes have "the" in front of menu sometimes and this time they dont is this a GAME TO YOU?!

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