"Cherry beverage."

Translation:משקה דובדבנים.

August 6, 2016

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mashké duvdevaním.


Why cherry is plural?


In Hebrew it is 'drink/juice of the fruits' plural, not singular. eg. מץ תפוזים


That's true for most juices, but not for all - for example: carrot juice = מיץ גזר and lemon juice = מיץ לימון. I don't know why some fruits are plural and others singular, I don't think there is a rule behind it unfortunately.


Nice to know. Duo accepted both singular and plural, and I had this doubt about what is more popular, thanks.


The change of מַשְׁקֶה to מַשְׁקֵה־ in a construct chain is not audible in Modern Hebrew.


What about משקת דובדבנים ?


The noun משקה doesn't change in construct state. Notice that משקה is not a feminine noun, and that it doesn't end with "-ah" but with "-eh", so it doesn't behave like those nouns.


I wondered as much and you confirmed it! Thanks


Is there an understood distinction between cherry beverage and cherry juice?

Would one have alcohol or something?


Well, in Yiddish משקה usually had the connotation of alcoholic beverage, liquor, but in Hebrew not necessarily.


I just posted a comment on this ar another sentence in this set. But please don't use past tense. Please say "mashke has...." I'm the prezidentke of a lively Yiddish club (meeting weekly with members Zooming in from 5 US states) and also just started teaching a Basic Yiddish class using the new textbook, In eynem, published by the Yiddish Book Center. I highly recommend the textbook . Also, it has wonderful web resources.


Well, זײַ מיר מוחל דעם נאַרישן ענטפֿער. I suppose I am too much influenced from the disappeared Eastern European Jewry, where my collection of Yiddish books was printed in pre-war times. From the last two decades I have only three publications, and all of them translations from other languages: 36 משלים from לאַ פאָנטען, then דער האָביט and lastly פארכאפט אין נעץ. There is not much newer on the market to read except poems and autobiographical works, even יצחק באַשעװיס זינגער is not really in print. This death of literary production (well, there are newspapers, I know) makes Yiddish for me in all practicality a language of the past.


יצחק באשעוויס סינגער is one of my favourite writers of all time. It makes me sad that so much literature is not being printed any more. E-books are a poor substitute for the smell, experience and feeling of a real, old book in your hands. Although my Yiddish is nowhere near good enough to read fluently, I would love to read Bashevis Singer's work in the original language.. .


I'd say it's the same distinction in both languages. All juices are beverages, but not all beverages are juices. Some may include alcohol as well.

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