"A fiú festi a nagy fát."

Translation:The boy paints the large tree.

August 6, 2016



this one needs to be fixed. instead of big tree the correct answer was tall tree.. which would have been a magas fat

August 6, 2016


Yes same here, it's a little annoying to keep getting marked wrong for these things.

August 31, 2016


Why festi?

February 7, 2017


Objective/accusative case with a definite subject (indicated by the "the" definite article). "A fiú egy nagy fát fest" - "The boy is painting a large tree"; "A fiú a nagy fát festi" - "The boy is painting the large tree";

As you can see, the order of the words can be altered (my example vs the sample above), but that indicates the emphasis of the importance in the context, so: "A fiú festi a nagy fát" - stresses out the actionee, that it is the boy, who is painting the large tree (maybe there are others, who are also painting, but the men, women and a girl are painting a bush or something); and "A fiú a nagy fát festi" - Emphasising the subject, now it is a large tree the one which is being painted by the boy. (means, maybe he is in a longer painting process, during which he will cover various objects with paint, but now it's the tree's turn).

October 20, 2017


Thanks for that good explanation

November 7, 2018



September 4, 2016
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