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Azokba az épületbe nem megyünk be!

Szervusztok, Dir.con2, lesson 7.

"Azokba az épületbe nem megyünk be". We do not go into those buildings! It won't let me progress even though I'm writing the exact translation.


August 6, 2016



It doesn't check your translation on a word-by-word basis, but on an "entire sentence" basis. So breathe, press the Report a Problem button at the bottom left corner and select "My answer should be accepted", submit, and move on. It's a Beta course, so there are bound to be problems.

If you like, copy the answer they give you so that when you come back to that question, you can just paste it in. I figure, I've tried to translate it, and if I got it right but I'm just being denied because of an oversight, I've still done my job.

Although... if it were buildings plural, then the word should be épületekbe, and so, your translation actually isn't correct.


Thanks it works now, couldn't see the Report a problem button on my phone. The copy and paste worked well.


It may be a little picture of a flag. And it might only appear if you got a sentence "wrong".

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