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Bugs in the android app i've found

Hey, Im running duolingo(2.2.0) in a Nexus 5 running kitkat 4.4.2.

I've encountered the following bugs: The first one has to do with the fact that i'm learning both french for spanish and english so i got both those threes at more or less the same level (spanish is my native language so i'm focusing on it)

However i like to read the discussion and the one in english has a lot more activity and you guys usually post announcements there. The bugs can be reproduced in android with the folliowing steps i think:

1 set your learning to french from english, then load the android app and make sure you have the english three loaded.

2) set the new lanaguage in the web to french from spanish

3) load the android application and you will see that the english three is there but after a few seconds it will load the spanish three,(remember that both those trees are the french trees but from english or spanish)

4) enter the last lesson you have left and you will see that everything it's ok,

5) the bug is that even tho you are in the spanish three, it will mark any answer in spanish incorrect and will ask you to answer ni english, the workaround i've found is just restarting the lessong and everything is in spanish again.

note: i'm not actually sure about the first step, whether we should have the spanish three in android and then changing to english an back to spanish in the website. This has happened to me twice and i think it's not so hard to reprduce.

The second thing has only happened to me once.

Once i'm done with the lesson i guess duo tries to stabish a connection with the server, wich sometimes when one doesn't have a strong internet connection, it can take a while. if you leave your phone do it's work and it then goes into sleep mode, but then duo actually finishes it's request with the server and the congratulation messages appear (i dont see any of this but i hear the music). the congratulation fx stays in a loop and repeats continuosly (don't know for how long but it was more than 5 times) untill you unlock your phone and see the messages the points and whatever it stops playing the congrats sound.

Another thing, I don't know where I can find the version of duo i'm running i had to look into my applications so idk it might be a good idea to add some sortf of about, maybe there is my phone is in french so sometimes it's hard for me to find simple things LoL.

Thanks a lot for your hard work I love duolingo.

February 5, 2014


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