"Ez egy gyenge pohár."

Translation:This is a fragile glass.

August 7, 2016

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Yeah come on glass, do you even lift


I've never heard of a glass (a drinking glass) described as weak. Delicate or fragile, maybe. What does the word gyenge mean in this context (in Hungarian)? Would the speaker really be saying that the glass is weak? I don't think that's the best English word for the translation.


Weak, structurally weak, weak in material, easily breakable. You just touch it and it breaks.


then, it seems that fragile would be better than weak


Yes, "fragile" is the right word - I've reported it.


It seems that they have changed the English translation without changing the Hungarian word. The English now says "fragile" but the Hungarian still say "gyenge" (which means weak) rather than "törékeny" (which means fragile as others have pointed out here).

Unfortunately, I think this means that the sentence still sounds weird to Hungarians and the English speakers are learning the wrong meaning for gyenge. :(


Hungarians never say "weak glass". Yeah, "fragile" is the correct word (törékeny). Or you can say "thin" what is not a proper translation, but means the same if you speak about glasses.


My mother (native Hungarian speaker) says: "Ez egy gyenge pohár" translates as "This is not quite a full cup" (of X), as in a cookbook recipe. E.g.; "Add not quite a full cup" = gyenge pohár. As others have stated before, if the meaning desired is (fragile, breakable), then törékeny is appropriate.


A weak engine or a weak excuse? A delicate situation!


I said "weak" and it was marked wrong. But gyenge means weak, correct?


We would describe a glass as delicate, not weak.


"This is a delicate glass" was marked incorrect, even though the hint on "gyenge" indicated "delicate" as a possible translation


Please fix this so that fragile is given as a possible translation.


Glass is translated as Uveg with umlauts on the U, and "pohar" is translated as Cup


There are several different possibilities

Meaning English Hungarian
a glass for drinking water (or wine) glass pohár
a plastic cup for drinking water (or playing beer pong) cup pohár
a fancy cup (for drinking tea/coffee) cup csésze
a mug (for drinking tea/coffee) mug bögre
a bottle, made of glass (a bottle of wine) bottle üveg
a bottle, made of plastic (a bottle of water) bottle palack
glass as a material glass üveg


Uveg is also bottle as I remember


can we use gyenge to describe people or animals too?



gyenge = weak, usually.

Az a férfi gyenge. That man is weak.

Az öreg oroszlán gyenge. The old lion is weak.


Az angol sem mondja hogy weak glass,hanem fragile glass, ugyanúgy a magyar sem mondja hogy gyenge pohár, hanem törékeny pohár.Gondolom Duo,te sem így akartad ezt fogalmazni, hanem így sikerült.

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