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  5. "Ez nem fogkrém, hanem víz."

"Ez nem fogkrém, hanem víz."

Translation:This is not toothpaste, but water.

August 7, 2016



"Common mistake. No, there's nothing wrong with - what? You mean tap water isn't supposed to taste like mint? And it's supposed to be liquid? Are you sure?"


I'm currently imagining someone use one tap to wet their toothbrush, and another right next to it to apply toothpaste.


I imagine it's a very disappointed dentist saying this.


Can't help but miss flying teachers :) even though I can actually imagine a situation in which that sentence would have been said))

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Boy, that must have been a rough night! First he can't tell the razor from the toothbrush and now this!


I’m imagining a kid who doesn’t like brushing his/her teeth so after wetting the toothbrush richly (s)he puts on as little toothpaste as possible which isn’t enough and the parent points out that there’s so little toothpaste with so much water that it’s basically just water... after which the kid complains that the toothbrush doesn’t happen to be soft enough and feels like a razor.


In all seriousness though I am just happy that this course exists

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I, too, am happy that this course exists. I do enjoy the outrageous humour. (especially the adventures of the kindergarten teachers!)


Kindergarten teachers rock! :)


Zu dieser Aussage würde es bestimmt eines Tages kommen.

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