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  5. "Ott áll egy szép épület."

"Ott áll egy szép épület."

Translation:There is a beautiful building there.

August 7, 2016



There is a nice building is correct. There is a nice building there is too many "theres"


I disagree.

"There is" indicates that something exists but does not say where. "There is a building there" states that a building exists and that its location is "there".

The fact that the phrase "there is" contains the word "there" is a red herring.

Consider "There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us" -- the first bit "There's a place for us" does not indicate where the place is, a fact picked up by the second bit which says that the location is indeterminate ("somewhere"); it only says that such a place exists.


"There stands a nice building" - is an accurate and concise translation.

The repetition of "there" is unnecessary


Maybe - but it shouldn't be preferred.

"There is a beautiful building" is good enough to indicate that over there stands a nice building


In English if one says: There is a beautiful building. or There stands a beautiful building. That is quite enough. We do not repeat "there". We also say: Now there is a beautiful building.


So "Ott áll" is another form of saying "there is"? what about "Van ott egy szép épület" or "Van egy szép épület" (for there is a beautiful building), are those correct? - my answer was a beautiful building is standing there lol, isn't it quite literal?


Is there any possibility that ssmebody explane that the adjective beautiful is only for women,even not for men in English and never for things.


We do use beautiful to describe objects in English. At least, I hear it all the time in the USA. If you use it to describe a man in English, people will probably look at you funny. But I hear it sometimes when a man looks more feminine


szép can be translated as nice or beautiful.

What prompts you to say this?

Maybe it's a cultural thing.

Men can be beautiful, women can be handsome.

Things can be beautiful.


"There is......... over there."?? Is it ok?

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