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Study Groups

I am studying Italian via Duolingo and I know at least a few other people who are, and who are around the same level that I am. I was wondering what the feasibility is of using the classrooms as a studygroup? I'm not at a point where i think i can lead a class but a study group where we share progress and ask each other questions and do activities together is something that could be quite useful. Is this something i can do with classrooms or ?


August 7, 2016



Classrooms are just a way for a real life teacher to be able to follow the progress of her class members through the Duolingo skill sets. You can learn the same things by doing the regular Duolingo course.

Also, if you create or join a class it shows your email address; so if you create a class you have to email the link to the students, or write it on a black board, or bookmark it on their computers, or something like that. You can't post it here in Duolingo (it's against the guidelines to share email addresses here).

You might try creating a Google Hangout or Zoom meeting and holding once- or twice-weekly practice sessions there. You can just publish the link to the hangout or the meeting in the "Italian from English" board and see if people show up.

You might also enjoy the community section at Verbling: https://www.verbling.com/community There are chat rooms for all kinds of languages and they are separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If a chat room doesn't already exist for beginning Italian when you log in, it's super easy for you to create one. You'll need to install the browser extension for Google Hangouts if you don't already have it installed, because their chat rooms use Hangouts.


Thanks for all the info!

Is there a way to suggest a "study group" option as a future feature?


Not really. You could post in the "Troubleshooting" forum, but to be honest I can't see them developing a study group capability when so many tools (Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, etc.) are already available. But they don't tell moderators about their plans any more than they tell all users, so I am just speculating. I could be wrong!


Fair enough. All i really want it a classroom where we cna work ons tuff together, but without a real teacher (ie: we're all at the same level), but I suppose we could just do that with a classroom.


That would be fine, just remember that posting a link to a classroom exposes the email address of the classroom creator, so if we mods see a classroom link posted, we have to delete it. If you are all friends in real life, you can use email/chat/Facebook whatever you want. I agree it's more fun with friends helping you and encouraging you. Happy learning!

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