"You stand there to the window, you fly out through the window and you fly up to the airplanes."

Translation:Odaálltok az ablakhoz, kirepültök az ablakon és felrepültök a repülőgépekhez.

August 7, 2016



Most of the sentences in this lesson have been pleasantly manageable. I applaud the course creators for that! Except for this sentence. Not so stoked about this one :(

August 7, 2016


This one could easily be broken into three exercises without losing anything except student frustration.

October 9, 2016


"stand there by" or "stand there at" would be better in English

March 19, 2017


What are you, some kind of kindergarten teacher?

March 20, 2017


No, the kindergarten child!

April 4, 2017


What the hell is that??? A contest or psychiatric experiment? You go to the window, and fly out to the airplanes? Have a good flight! I wonder with which chemicals.

April 4, 2017
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