"És a hetvenedik színésznő a fehér esernyő alatt áll és énekel."

Translation:And the seventieth actress is standing and singing under the white umbrella.

August 7, 2016

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You are too fussy on word order.


The only people who read this, and whom you are addressing with "you", can't do anything about it. They're not the ones being fussy.


Thank you, mizinamo. Your comment encourages me to work things out. I have plunged into the duolingo experience and enjoyed dabbling in a few languages without fully understanding the system. I do not even know ho will read this. All the best.


From my experience, these sentence discussions are read by learners who are confused about something and ask questions; learners who look for new discussions and see whether they can help (or learn something new); and a handful of Hungarian native speakers who look for new discussions to see whether they can answer questions.

Then there are the people who develop the Hungarian course (pick out the sentences, etc.); I've only seen comments from them in sentence discussions very rarely. I imagine that their limited time is taken up "behind the scenes", going over reported problems or perhaps thinking of new sentences, and so they don't have much time for reading the dozens of new discussions that pop up every day.

And I don't think the technical developers, who provide the Duolingo infrastructure independent of any particular language combination courses, ever read here. Some things can only be changed or fixed by them (for example, if people complain about getting too many sentences to translate into English and not enough out of English - that's not a setting that the Hungarian course developers can influence).


I don't get the point of beginning the sentence with "és", since it really doesn't add anything.


such an intriguing sentence – now i long for the rest of the story


Said no one in the world ever. Ridiculous sentences.

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