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  5. "Hol látsz te riportereket?"

"Hol látsz te riportereket?"

Translation:Where do you see reporters?

August 7, 2016



'Te' is not necessary and wouldn't be used in this situation by a Hungarian according to my wife.


It is an emphasis thing. Not necessary but it is used in certain situations. Like when you see them and I don't, and for the love of me I can't figure out where you see them.


Hol látsz *** riporteket? . The problem for me was I couldn't hear the "te" correctly and accidentally submitted my answer. I swore I kept hearing slang for a body part in there.


where do you see the reporters? .... please explain why this was not accepted?


Your sentence would be translated to:
Hol látsz te a riportereket? There is no article a in the sentence.


Not "Hol látsz te a riportereket?", but Hol látod (te) a riportereket?

(Definite conjugation)


Why "Where do you see the reporters?".. was not accepted


There is no "the" ("a") - very important in Hungarian as it would also change the verb. "Where do you see the reporters?" = "Hol látod a riportereket".


Do you really say "hol látsz te riportereket" with "te" in that position? Sounds weird in my ears...


It does sound kinda rare but I can clearly imagine it being said. Most probably with a doubtful tone: "Where do you (even) see (any) reporters?"

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