"You are not resting beside the big river, but under the tall tree."

Translation:Nem a nagy folyó mellett pihensz, hanem a magas fa alatt.

August 7, 2016

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Why is this incorrect: "Te nem pihensz a nagy folyo mellett, hanem a magas fa alatt"?


In short: "nem" must negate what "hanem" is contradicting; so you have to negate "a nagy folyó mellett", or change the other part to something like "hanem festek".


Shamarth has answered it pretty well, please, read the comments.


Do you have to have the te as the first word? I started with just nem and the rest was the same and they rejected it?


I think that would mean "Not you are resting...[but someone else]", because "nem" always negates what's directly behind it. Some more advanced speaker please correct me if I'm wrong.


Is there some reason why "A nagy folyó mellett nem pihensz, hanem a magas fa alatt." is incorrect?



"Nem" negates the word/phrase that's following it. So in itself "A nagy folyó mellett nem pihensz." is a correct sentence, meaning that resting is not what you are doing beside the river.

But the second clause "hanem a magas fa alatt" conrasts with the first one, and makes it clear that the location of the action has to be negated. So you have to put "nem" in front of the phrase "a nagy folyó mellett"

Since your first clause negates the verb, a second clause starting with "hanem" could only introduce another action that the subject is doing instead of resting: "A nagy folyó mellett nem pihensz, hanem olvasol."

I hope this is clear enough.


"Pihentek" should be correct too, because it says "you", so it can be plural.


Typo with "Nem" being capitalized incorrectly in option 2


Why is 'te nem pihensz a nagy folyo mellett hanem a magas fa alatt' wrong?


Please, read the comments before asking. It may have been answered already. Just like in this case.


I missed only the comma and it says wrong answer... Come on!


I don't think, that should happen.


Te nem pihensz a folyo mellet hanem a magas fa alatt


Even if I write the correct answer it shows as wrong (but solution shows exactly what I wrote!)


Same here. I wrote the same thing as the answer but keep getting marked wrong and can't move on.


I thought 'orientation words' are to be put at the end so why does pihensz end the first part of the sentence, not mellett?


You thought wrong. There is nothing special regarding location, the information structure is the determining factor. What's new and important? The location. Therefore it precedes the verb.


Thank you so much for all your helpful comments. I’ve gained tremendous understanding from reading them.


"a nagy folyó nem pihensz, hanem a magas fa alatt" Really absolutely no idea why this was marked wrong: word order keeps tripping me up and the advice I get from the tips is no help at all. I also don't understand the advice I get in these discussion fora either. I don't think I'll ever understand it.


"a nagy folyó nem pihensz" sounds almost like "the big river is not resting" (just with a wrong verb conjugation.... )
"a nagy folyó mellett nem pihensz" would be a bit better. (next to the river, you are not resting)

but even after that, the word order is still wrong...


for word order with nem-hanem sentences, see this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29387891

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