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  5. "Có bao nhiêu con chó?"

" bao nhiêu con chó?"

Translation:How many dogs are there?

August 7, 2016



I would likely break this sentence as: "have (co) how many (bao nhieu) dogs"

Why do you say "are there" in how many dogs are there?


The way you would 'likely break this sentence' is exactly what I got to start with, but it is not how we would say it in English. In English, we would say, "How many dogs are there?"


Not necessarily. We could and do say "how many dogs?" Depends on the context.


where does the "there" come from? Why isn't "how many dogs?" or "have how many dogs?" accepted?


I cant seem to work out the difference between what defines "How much" and "How many" both are bao nhieu?


I agree. Since it's 'con chó' and not 'nhũng con chó' it seems more logical to assume it's "how much for the dog?" which is marked wrong.


There is no difference in Vietnamese between how many and how much, both are bao nhiêu. As it works as a kind of quantifier (showing/asking how much or how many something is), it is followed by the classifier in Vietnamese, and then by the noun. So I don't think it is possible to say Có bao nhiêu những con chó, because then you'd have two quantifiers; it's like saying how many several pieces of cake in English.


How many used for case when object can count, how much for object can not count.


I also don't understand the plurality here when it há a singular classifier. "How much for the dog" seems to fit better


My understanding from the notes is that if you want to clarify price, you can use the word "giá" which means price.

"Noun + giá + bao nhiêu? (giá means “price”). (E.g: Cái mũ này giá bao nhiêu? (How much is this hat?))"

Also in this exercise, I think the word "Có" specifies having, or there being, so to me, "how many" seems to be indicated more than "how much".

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