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"אני מבקר אותם כי יש להם הרבה אוכל טעים."

Translation:I visit them because they have a lot of tasty food.

August 7, 2016



Well I don't even know them, but suddenly I want to visit them too.


Why is 'I review them' wrong? I understood from the 'tips and notes' that to visit is usually לבקר ב.


It's not exactly wrong, but it does sound a bit strange because לבקר has a negative feel to it (sort of like criticize), and the second part of the sentence is rather positive.

I don't know what the tips and notes say, but when לבקר את is followed by a person, it can mean either to criticize or to visit.


Thank you. A confusing combination of meanings.


I visit them because they have much delicious food should be accepted.


Why is הרבה pronounced like אהרבה ?


'I visit them because they have much tasty food', should be accepted and furthermore it is a better translation.

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