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  5. "אני דומָה לה."

"אני דומָה לה."

Translation:I am similar to her.

August 7, 2016



Can this also not mean "I look like her"?


Yes, this is what I said as well, but it was marked WRONG. :-(


I put "i am like her" and that was marked wrong also.


No actually. The sentence says: I'm similar to here, it doesn't necessarily have to be similar by the look.


Chill people its going to be / is all well.


"I'm the same as her" is wrong?

I don't completely trust this system anymore to actually tell me if I'm right or wrong

there's too many problems


"Similar to" and "the same as" are different concepts, conveying different levels of similarity.


don't tell me how to speak english. That's not what I'm here to learn.

how vain you are, teaching me english.


...wow, that was a surprisingly hostile response to someone answering your question.


@snommelp, As a Canadian living in Israel, I'd like to apologize for the compatriot's behaviour and assure you that we're not all that vicious to people who try to help us out. :-)


Eh, some people just have a lot of rage and feel the need to direct it at anyone and everyone they can. I learned a long time ago to let it roll off my back; I was just surprised that it came so suddenly, with no build-up. Perhaps downtown thought, since I responded to another of his questions elsewhere, that I was unfairly singling him out or something.


shove it! I actually want to learn, not just sit around helping people feel good for trying to help

I go to ulpan, which has a reputation for teaching people who HAVE to learn Hebrew.

I don't HAVE to learn Hebrew, because I have a real education, and therefore a hi-tech job at which I speak English, the international language of business.

So at the end of the day, they have no idea how to teach me, I have no idea how to learn from them - AND EVERYBODY BLAMES ME. oh, you don't try, oh you don't engage with people.

SHOVE IT! English is OBJECTIVELY better to communicate between me and Israelis, so unless everyone wants to waste a bunch of money listening to me fumble with Hebrew, I'm using English.

This person is not helping. He is OBJECTIVELY not helping. He is wasting both his time and mine. If anything I'm helping him understand how useless his behavior is, in order that he may improve it or avoid it.

So don't apologize on my behalf. I'm ashamed people like you exist, and call themselves Canadian. You are the reason I left Canada. You make life HELL for anyone who wants to accomplish anything in life BECAUSE YOU SPEND YOUR TIME LIFTING UP PEOPLE WHO OUGHT TO BE KEPT DOWN TYVM (like this person, wasting my time teaching me English!)


there. I gave you a lingot for teaching me english.

I ASKED A QUESTION ABOUT HEBREW. I understand the difference between these words in english. I'm obviously unsure of the exactness of the translation to Hebrew. You aren't helping me understand the exact essence of this Hebrew word.

Please take my lingot and leave me alone forever.


(sorry, it was me commenting before, accidentally from my daughter's account!) I'm thrilled that you've adjusted so well to life in Israel and are already working in a high-tech job. That doesn't mean every Israeli you encounter will speak the same high level of English. Where I live, few do. I still don't understand how a quick one-sentance explanation can make you so mad. And as a fellow ex-pat I absolutely will jump in and apologize for such un-Canadian behaviour.
This person was trying to explain why the phrases (in Hebrew) are slightly different, and I think the explanation is helpful. If you don't, then okay. I should also point out that you've wasted more of your own precious time kvetching about how little you appreciate the help than it took him/her to write it in the first place. One of the biggest factors that determine an individual's success when it comes to aliyah (or life) is having a sense of humour. So smile a little. :-) Getting all SHOUTY when people are helpful won't make the transition any easier.


Wow, you don't need Hebrew lessons. You need anger management therapy. And maybe some meds.


Tzivia (misplaced due to comment level ceiling)

look - I'm angry because there's a systemic inability to teach Hebrew.

I haven't adjusted to life in Israel - I live the same life I did in LA, just the people here who don't speak fluent English speak Hebrew, whereas those such in LA speak either Spanish or stonerEnglish.

Frankly, I'm happy to filter people out of my life who don't speak English! They tend to be unimportant and without anything meaningful to say.

My frustration is that the kind of people who we really need to make aliyah aren't, because Hebrew is irrationally kept as an obstacle to their success.

Why do I need Hebrew to go to the misrad haklita when Russian and Arabic service is offered?

If you answered "because our minister of absorption is Landver, from beitenu", circle gets the square!

So, we need one of two things to happen here:

1) We actually figure out how to teach Hebrew to American immigrants, which entails the admission that the current system is broken


2) We implement better English service in the country, admitting that Hebrew, while useful as a means to communicate between people of varied backgrounds (mizrach, former USSR, etc.) is NOT useful as a language of business, and thus also take more seriously teaching our children highly fluent English.

sitting around thanking people for doing less than nothing and apologizing for me taking offense at failed systems WILL GET US NOWHERE.

Maybe this guy didn't deserve me being harsh. Whatever, he also didn't have to act like a spoiled child not getting his way when I told him so.


buddy, I was clear in my response that your answer was valueless, and representative of a self congratulating culture which undermines actual learning.

furthermore, your refusal to engage at all with criticism is deep bellowing weakness


All right, fine. If you've decided that you don't want me to leave you alone, I'll engage.

(a) My answer was about Hebrew. More to the point, it was about the concepts behind the words. "Similar" and "the same" are different concepts, and this is represented through the use of words in every single language I am aware of. Yes, I responded with the English words for the concepts, but it applies across multiple languages. If you'd engaged your brain, perhaps you could have come to this conclusion on your own.

(b) "How vain you are" is hardly a clear or explicit argument about anything. That, tied with the fact that you were the only one actually having an argument, means that your point here is moot. I responded in the same way that a majority of the world would when suddenly and unexpectedly faced with completely unnecessary confrontation, and I didn't use logical argumentation because, to stress it again, you were the only one trying to have an argument.

(c) Based on your responses to others here, I don't see that my "tone" "argument" was at all wrong. You were, according to your own words, angry at how your local, in-person Hebrew lessons are unhelpful to you, and chose to lash out at the first seemingly easy target online.

(d) I'd offer you just one piece of advice to go along with all of yours for me: listen to your own advice. It's amazing how much of it would do you well.

And with all of that said, I'm done here. Respond if you want, but I'm going back to honoring your request and ignoring you.


My "refusal to engage at all with criticism" is because you explicitly asked me to leave you alone, and so I did. Make up your mind.


after you claimed to have been answering my question, when I made the explicit argument that you weren't, which you didn't refute (rather, you complained about my tone, a claim which holds no water in a text argument)

you made apparent to me that you refused to understand the criticism - that you were answering a question about Hebrew with an answer about English.

Your current argument is equivalent to Donald Trump claiming to have been against the Iraq War in 2004 (it started in 2003)

if you're going to ignore one thing I say, and listen to another:

please, ignore me being disagreeable and indifferent to your feelings

and listen to my criticism of your question comprehension.

Ignore that I was mean or terse or whatever

And listen to my obstinate yearning for learning

ignore your want to feel good about yourself

and listen to the need to improve.

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