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"אני רוצֶה יותר אוכל בשביל הכלב שלי."

Translation:I want more food for my dog.

August 7, 2016



How do you know it's "more food" and not "another serving/meal"?


Another serving is עוד מנה, another meal is עוד ארוחה. But the original sentence used אוכל which means food.


I notice you didn't use יותר on any of your examples here. My online dictionary makes no distinction between עוד and יותר - so what is the difference? Are they interchangeable or is there a difference in usage? תודה מראש, שבת שלום וחנוכה שמח!


ll יותר is used for comparison, עוד is used for "another (one/two/ten/etc.". In this case אני רוצה יותר אוכל and אני רוצה עוד אוכל are very similar; the former implies "more food than I currently have" or some other comparison that depends on the context.

In my examples, יותר מנה is not correct grammatically, but מנה אחת יותר and ארוחה אחת יותר would be OK. Again, it is only used for comparison.

For example: if you want to get five minutes more than everyone else for a presentation, you would used

Give me five more minutes than everyone else = תן לי חמש דקות יותר מכל השאר

If you're in the middle of the presentation and ask for five more minutes, you'd say

Give me five more minutes = תן לי עוד חמש דקות

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