"Gab es viel Verkehr?"

Translation:Was there a lot of traffic?

August 7, 2016


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"Es gibt" = present tense for "There is/There are..."
Inversion: "Gibt es...?" (Is there.../Are there...?)

"Es gab" = präteritum (imperfekt) for "There was/ There were...?"
Inversion: "Gab es...?" (Was there/ Were there...)

Hence the translation: "Was there a lot of traffic?"

August 7, 2016


I was told not to use the simple past tense in German because most people don't use it anymore, is that true?

June 14, 2017


I was told that the present perfect is actually used more frequently, maybe because it expresses recent things and experiences, but of course the simple past is also (as in English).

August 19, 2017


It depends. Some dialects have indeed completely lost the simple past tense.

In the standard language, however, it still sees some use (how much depends partly on the region - I think the north uses it a bit more than the south).

As a rule of thumb, very common verbs such as sein, haben, werden are more likely to tolerate or sometimes even "demand" the simple past.

August 20, 2017


Hmm, what about using "es gibt" in the present perfect, is that possible?

August 27, 2017


Yes. Hat es viel Verkehr gegeben? is also possible and is accepted for the English-to-German translation.

August 27, 2017


Is it just me or is it practically unintelligible when pronounced?

January 18, 2017


I did not no it so i got it wrong whst the ❤❤❤❤

August 7, 2017
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