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  5. "Vâng, bạn là bánh táo."

"Vâng, bạn bánh táo."

Translation:Yes, you are an apple pie.

August 7, 2016



Why would this sentence ever be spoken


You're obviously NOT apple pie.


She's my cherry pie. Apple pie is she is my mistress maybe. Sidepiece.


Perhaps in a game where everyone needs to guess what or who they are


Easy guys this is a free course. The sentences are purposely obscure, to see it you can figure it out without guessing.


I think "you are apple pie" should be acceptable since there is no article (một) in the vietnamese


It accepted mine, but told me I was missing a space.


Just spent hours being hit over the head with "a" something and now suddenly "a" is translated without there being a "Một". I've known from my previous study that một isn't used as much in real vietnamese as they do on Duolingo. Someone said, "this is a free course". Well, not exactly free....there are ads..... But I do appreciate this site. I use a number of language learning sites and I use this the most! Thanks, Duolingo

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