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  5. "Do you know this boy?"

"Do you know this boy?"

Translation:Znacie tego chłopca?

August 7, 2016



Can I say "Znasz tego chłopaka" instead?


Yes. Will be a lot better for a situation when the boy is older, like 13+ (hard to set the border).


Why we have to use chłopca and not chłopiec ? I do not understand.


you need accusative after "znać". Accusative form of chłopiec is "chłopca".

chłopiec is masculine animated noun, so it has accusative=genitive. Only neuter and masculine not animated nouns have singular accusative=nominative.


Why was not znasz accepted?


Is There a table somewhere please to summarize especially the Mom and Acc singular and plural forms for this that that these, please. Because right now i am super confused between ten/ta/to/tę/tamtego/ tamte/ tamci...it keeps coming up but it seems what i did week before has now changed... Help!!


I would love this too!


"Znasz" is also correct!


Why "tego" and not "tamto"


Two things:

  1. "tego" is a form of "this". "tamto" is a form of "that".

  2. "tamto" is neuter Nominative or Accusative. "tego" is either masculine animate Accusative, masculine Genitive or neuter Genitive. Here it is masculine Accusative, "znać" takes Accusative and "chłopiec" is masculine.

I advise you to save the declension table somewhere: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ten#Polish

It is for forms of "ten", but forms of "tamten" are almost identical: you just put tam- at the beginning. The only difference is feminine Accusative, which is "tę" for 'this' but "tamtą" for 'that'.


Is there is problem with "Czy ty tego chłopca znasz"?


The standard word order is Subject-Verb-Object, so your answer is at least unusual.

However, if it was "Do you know him?", then the best option is either "Znasz go?" or "Czy ty go znasz?", because it's better to avoid putting any pronoun at the end if possible.


Znasz ten chłopca is incorrect, why?


"ten" and "chłopca" do not suit each other grammatically.

It's either "ten chłopiec" (Nominative) or "tego chłopca" (Accusative/Genitive).

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