"To which women does the young man steps there, to the Americans or to the Brazilians?"

Translation:Melyik nőkhöz lép oda a fiatal férfi, az amerikaiakhoz vagy a brazilokhoz?

August 7, 2016

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...does the young man steps there...

Faulty english :-(


Yep; Course creators, if you're reading this, there are a couple problems here, in descending order of urgency:

  • Since does is already conjugated, step doesn't have to be; that's the whole point of do-support!

  • Using to which and there in the same sentence doesn't make sense. Even if to which is referring to a group of people, those people have to occupy some space, and that space is non-verbally implied to be the location. there becomes unnecessary, and furthermore redundant, and even furthermore just wrong.

  • "to which" is technically correct, but preposition stranding is far more common in everyday speech: "Which women does the young man step to"

  • "step" is a weird verb to use here. It puts a lot of emphasis on exactly how the person is moving their feet, which isn't the topic of the sentence. "walk" would be a more neutral and natural verb.

  • "American ones" and "Brazilian ones" is arguably a better substitute for just Americans and Brazilians, respectively.

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