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"The television is very expensive."

Translation:Cái tivi rất đắt.

August 7, 2016



I entered 'cái tivi mắc quá' and got it wrong. Could a Vietnamese speaker explain to me the difference between 'rất' and 'quá'. I hear 'quá' a lot in Vietnam!

[deactivated user]

    There is no difference , but it is seemed as nonstandard and imformal, and mostly just occurs in spoken Vietnamese.


    Yes, "rất" means very, so in English. Example: very hot, so cold - rất nóng, rất lạnh. "Quá" means too in English. "Rất đắt" (very expensive) it is expensive but I may buy it. "Quá đắt" (too expensive) it is expensive so I cannot buy it.


    they mean pretty much the same. "đắt" is from the Northern dialect while "mắc" the Southern dialect.

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