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"Roi arian"

Translation:To give money

August 7, 2016



I put "give silver" is this completely wrong?


This phrase is a zombie - it has an unnecessary mutation at the start.

rhoi arian means 'to give money' or 'giving money', rather than 'give money'.

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Yes, arian also means silver, so this sentence in the correct form could mean 'give silver'.

Other sentences with this meaning could be:-

Mi wnes i roi arian i Owen = I gave money/silver to Owen.

Dw i wedi rhoi arian i Owen = I have given money/silver to Owen.

The context would be important.

Interestingly the North Wales word for money is 'pres' which also means 'brass'.

Northern England also has the word 'brass' as a commonly used slang for money.

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