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"I play football, you play tennis, and he swims."

Translation:Én focizom, te teniszezel, ő pedig úszik.

August 7, 2016



What's the difference between és and pedig? Why isn't 'Én focizom, te teniszeznek, és ő úszik' correct in this example? Why is pedig used instead?


There are extensive discussions on this topic in the comments of the earlier lessons, you may want to look them up. Anyway, "pedig" is kind of a contrasting word in this sentence. Similar to saying "and you, on the other hand...". There is no direct match of this word in English, that's why it gets lost in translation.
Other than that, it should be "te teniszezEL". First person singular. You used the third person plural conjugation, "teniszeznek".


It's hard to look up past sentence discussions unfortunately :(


Would it be correct to say, "Én játszom futballt?" Is this the right verb to use, and is the accusative right? This is what I entered (along with the rest of the sentence, which was the same as their translation), but it was rejected.

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