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"After Sukkot we celebrate Simchat Torah."

Translation:אחרי סוכות אנחנו חוגגים את שמחת תורה.

August 7, 2016



צריכים "את?"


I think that like with other holidays it's not really necessary, but it sounds better with את, at least to me.

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כן. צריך את זה עם מושא ישיר (direct object)


If it were a group of women, wouldn't it be חוגגות? Was rejected. Reported it, don't think I made a mistake…

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Yes, you are correct. But looking at this sentence, it looks to me like the generic we, not specific to some group of men or women. It's like "On the 14th of July we celebrate Bastille day". That is not any specific group of men or group of women.

So for the generic, you use the male plural form.


So why do you need אנחנו at all? I left it out and was marked incorrect.

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For the generic, you don't need it. For a specific group of people that includes the speaker, you do.

IMO all three of the following should be accepted: אנחנו חוגגים אנחנו חוגגות חוגגים


What is the difference between אנו and אנחנו?

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No difference. At all. The word אנו is less common, but not by much.


Didn't think so but that was the only difference in the choices by one of the questions, so I reported it.

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