"Ehhez a színhez az nem jó!"

Translation:That one does not go with this color!

August 7, 2016

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What is a more English translation of this?


Probably "That doesn't go well with this color" would be a pretty good translation? It keeps the general structure of the Hungarian sentence, anyway.


I think my favourite would be "This colour doesn't go well with that."
The above suggestion of 'to match' sounds to me like it's about two colours being the same.


Or "that doesn't match to this colour"?


If you leave out the "to", it's perfect. "To match" is transitive.


Another possibility: "This color isn't good with that." Or, symmetrically, "That isn't good with this color." I'm like this right now, since it keeps the verb and structure, and changes only "to" for "with".


That colour doesn't match this one.


"Az" doesn't necessarily refer to a colour here.


Yes, that's true, thanks for the correction.


Oh the one hand, I'm glad I didn't get marked incorrect, but on the other hand I'm kind of sorry I wasted brain cells remembering that I'm supposed to type "To this color that one is not good!"


The producer of that sentence needs English lessons


So, if it isn't about matching, what on earth are they trying to say about this colour in English?


wonder how long before we all find out what this sentence means.


I'm guessing never


"That is not good (doesn't match) with this color" is what I understand from the hungarian sentence. For me, the english translation is wrong.


I tried very hard to remember the "correct" solution to finish this lesson. Unfortunately, instead of "that" I wrote "this", which was rejected. I am wondering why. How can I decide which one I should chose in this context?


Ehhez a színhez - to this colour
az - that one
Pretty straighforward here, for as straightforward as this sentence can go.


To put it all together with RyagonIV - a.k.a. my native English literal translation:
"To this color, that one is not good."
To everyone's point: it ranks up there with:
A crosswalk/pedestrian crossing is "egy zebra"


Eh? This needs context.


Hi everybody! As a nativ Hungarian, I'll try to help ;) My aswer was also marked as wrong :D But it's because my English is not so perfect I guess... This sentence can have more meanings. ez=this, az=that (or "that one") ehhez= to this, ahhoz=to that Here "az" can be another color or another object too. nem jó= not good We use "nem jó" also like "doesn't match", "doesn't suit to..." or maybe "doesn't fit". It depends on the situation. For example you have something red and another pink (I don't like them together...). Or a red shirt and a pink tie for it. Or you just checking to colors for the walls generally and colors for the patterns on it... Hope I could help!


I tried "that doesn't match this color" but it was rejected, would it be a good translation of the sentence?


------ fit (in this case ) = suit or go with . . .


Yes, but the proposed correction I got ( that is not good for this colour) does not seem right.


Turning this into English and preserving the Hungarian way of making the sentence is a nightmare. Whilst grammatically odd, (but not completely awful), I wonder whether "This to this colour, that's not good," is about as close as we can get. We have hez which is to and Ehhez which is this to rather than that to and now we have a bit of consistency. In English we would tend to say this with this rather than this to this but the idea of putting this to this isn't entirely foreign. As will be appreciated, I'm just trying to find some sort of logical consistency and this was the closest I could get.


I think you're misinterpreting the phrase "ehhez a színhez". Both words, ehhez and színhez are describing the same object; it's just "this colour". Remember that demonstratives are formed as "ez a [noun]", and that both the pronoun ez and the noun get the suffixes.

  • ehhez a színhez - to this colour
  • az - that (thing)
  • nem jó - not good

Roughly "That (thing) doesn't go well with this colour."


This doesn't go with this colour, not accepted, reported.


Ez (az) nem megy (passzol) ehhez a színhez. ??????

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