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  5. "Marriage is a serious thing."

"Marriage is a serious thing."

Translation:נישואין הם דבר רציני.

August 7, 2016



why not deveraim rezinim?


While נישואין is grammatically plural, it's not really many things, just the one. The same way you wouldn't say "מים הם חומרים שקופים" but "מים הם חומר שקוף" (water is a transparent material).


But wouldn't you say mayim Karim?

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Yes, and somebody's second marriage is נישואין שניים and a civil marriage is נישואין אזרחיים and so on.

Notice that the word הם is plural, and it says that the word that it modifies (נישואין) is something else. That something is the word דבר and that word is singular. So any modifier that goes with דבר is also going to be singular. Consider the following sentence in both languages:

האחים הנסון היו להקה מעצבנת - The Hanson brothers were an irritating band

The brothers are plural (in both languages) but "band" or "להקה" is singular. You see it by the form of the adjective in Hebrew or the use of the indefinite article in English.

This is similar.

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OMG. Just checked. They're still performing together? Seriously?


What if you were saying "Marriages are serious things"? Then would it be דברים רצינים?

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Sure. It changes the sentence from talking about the institution in general to be about particular marriages, maybe even all of them.


Why is it הם and not הוא?


The word for marriage in Hebrew (נישואים or נישואין) is plural, so you have to use the plural copula, הם.


נישואין & נישואים
Are they completely interchangeable ? No rules as to when one or other should be used?


So is there a glitch? It didn't accept נישואין and showed חתונה as being the correct answer. Do they mean the same thing?


That's strange, as the official suggested translation uses נישואין. Anyway - חתונה is wedding, נישואין/ם is marriage.


That's what I thought. And why I was wondering if there was a glitch given everyone else's comments. Thanks!

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