"Egy fiútól jössz, Kati?"

Translation:Are you coming from a boy, Kati?

August 7, 2016

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if you meant it in a sexual sense, would it be said in the same way?


yes it would be the same :D


Does this refer to her coming from a boy's house?


It can be more literal, but yes, that's how it would most likely be interpreted.


This answer should be: Are you coming from a boy's place, Kati? It is not proper as it stands. Just as: Petertol jossz, Kati? This refers to Peter's place/home/etc.


So.... Egy fiún jössz, Kati? Is -n the right superessive ending


I did not have a chance to finish when I was marked wrong. I had not yet input 'Kati'. I think this answer needs clarification. 'from a boy' is not a good question. Is it 'a boy's place' or ?


Yes, as many have said or implied, this not how we communicate in normal English. If the most likely interpretation is "a boy's place" then that is what you would need to explicitly express it in English, even if that isn't usual Hungarian idiom.


Hahaha, "jössz Kati" sounds a lot like "yo, Scotty." So now I'm seeing the starship Enterprise's original engineer.


"fiutol jossz" sounds like fiu"toy"jossz. Toyboy alarm. No seriously, the l seems to have vanished and merged to the j of the following word.

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