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  5. "Die Bibliotheken sind alt."

"Die Bibliotheken sind alt."

Translation:The libraries are old.

August 7, 2016



It is a plural noun because if it were singular it would be ist instead of sind. For example "the library is old" "the libraries are old"


That's the answer I was looking for.


Is this a plural form? Why the en ending?


Yes, it's a plural form.

And the -en ending is there because that's the way Bibliothek forms its plural.

The plural form of a noun is unfortunately not really predictable -- it's best to learn it along with the base word and its gender.


Dear Mizinamo I get this one wrong all most éverytime it comes up! If the form of a NOUN is not Predictable then how we to ??????? Please n Thank you.


Since the gender and plural of a noun are not predictable, the way to learn them is to look them up in a dictionary. A good dictionary will give both the gender and the plural form of a noun.


The translation of this sentence is "The libraries are old", in which "Die" acts as "The". Since we are not in a given context, this sentence means that "some particular libraries are old". Would it also be right to translate it as "Libraries are old", referring to all libraries [in general]?



"Libraries are old" (i.e. libraries in general) would be Bibliotheken sind alt. in German -- also without the definite article.


i know many old libraries!


Ich kenne viele alt Biblioteken?


Nearly! Remember that adjectives before a noun need an ending.

Bibliothek is feminine, so which ending does alt- need here?

(Hint: viel does not influence the choice of strong/mixed/weak inflection and there is no definite article here, so you need strong inflection.)


Ich kenne viele alte Bibliothek


I know a building that used to be a library!


Please do correct me if I'm wrong. Here is how I understand this.

Die Bibliotheken sind alt = The libraries are old (plural; therefore 'sind' after the noun)

Die Bibliothek ist alt = The library is old (singular; therefore 'ist' after the noun)


I think you have the causation wrong -- the first sentence uses the verb sind because the noun Bibliotheken is in the plural; it's not "plural due to sind after the noun", i.e. the noun did not become plural because you put sind behind it.


You are absolutely right! Thank you, mizinamo! The devils are in the details!


Oh bother! I put libraries in English with a capital L .... Libraries ... and `I lost a life !

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