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"Are you standing in the front or in the back?"

Translation:Elöl álltok vagy hátul?

August 8, 2016



I had elöl allsz vagy hátul. This was rejected. Elül allsz vagy hátul was one of the correct answer and the other one was ellöl álltok vagy hátul. Can someone explain why we should use elül for the singular you and elöl for the plural you


That's a mistake! 'Elől' is the correct form!


Why is it elöl instead of elött, hátul instead of hát?


"Elöl" is "in the front".

"... előtt" is "in front of ... ". It is a postposition, it cannot stand alone.

"Hátul" is "in the back" (at some location)

"Hát" is "back", as in "my back".

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