"A fekete autónál három magas férfi áll."

Translation:There are three tall men standing by the black car.

August 8, 2016

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it rejects men stand by and accepts are standing by, why?


no reason. it just hasn't been added to the system yet. I have the same problem. report it.


I don't understand why férfi is singular if there are 3 of them?


It remains singular whenever a specific number is stated. This is a landmark moment for me; first question ever posed in these forums that i know the answer to. I would suggest that as an adjunct to the course you use hungarianreference.com as a resource for grammatical and related stuff. I have found it to be reliable and understandable.


And a Hungarian would say, "I don't understand why men is plural when it already says that there are 3 of them -- why do I have to say that there are "more than one" twice?" :)


i have always thought of it as categorical, as three individual examples of the category, or general idea of :"Man." So that would apply for Sok, many examples of the category "man" but not to "we are the men of the army, or they are the men I was telling you about.. Even before having a command of it, Hungarian has already bent my mind in some interesting ways.


Is there any difference that I have to consider saying: "A fekete autónal három magas férfi áll" vs. "Három magas férfi a fekete autó mellett áll" Didn't get it so far.


Who are standing by the black cars vs where are the three tall men standing?

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