"The directors are eating our apples!"

Translation:הבמאיות אוכלות את התפוחים שלנו!

August 8, 2016

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ha-bamaiot okhlot et ha-tapukhim shelánu

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I find that the occupation examples here are not conducive to learning what a "director" is. "He's a director" and "the directors are eating our apples" are the only examples here. Why is Duolingo not using an example that more directly associates the profession with the work they do? Directors don't eat apples for a living. They do, however, work with actors. I don't see any sentences that work as helpful mnemonics.


And so often DL repeats the same exercises over and over to the point of numbing the brain. I have gotten so annoyed to the point of tears. But, the lessons have been great today, so i give thanks for that.

And yeah, apples are what everybody eats on DL. No matter how advanced you get there will always be plenty of apples. Care for eight of them? ;)


why did you translate the word 'directors' in this sentence as female? It could also be הבמאים.


Isn't במאית only a STAGE directer?


Yes, it is formed from the word בָּמָה stage.


I used the masculine, and they did NOT accept it. This is ridiculous. How should we know which gender they want?


Why doesn't the sentence read הבמאיות הן אובלות את התפוחים שלנו ? In the accepted answer, why did they leave out the word are ( הן)?


Because you don't need it in hebrew

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