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"Az arab mérnök az ablaknál beszélget."

Translation:The Arab engineer is talking by the window.

August 8, 2016



why is talking by the window rejected? how would i say talking by the window then? i never say chatting, not ever. i say talking except in the very specific case of the internet usage, which really isn't chatting at all.


"Talking by the window" is correct.


I know, not all possibilities can be represented. But just tell me if this is actually ok, please. The Arab engineer is conversing by the window.


That's an appropriate translation as well.


Would "over by the window" also be correct?


Patricia, sure, that would also be correct, but there doesn't seem to be a reason to include "over".


Maybe it's a regional thing but I can easily imagine someone asking where that engineer is and another person gesturing and saying "...over by the window, talking," in, say, a large engineering loft.

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