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  5. "Gyakran hallok folyókat."

"Gyakran hallok folyókat."

Translation:I frequently hear rivers.

August 8, 2016



The sounds of the streams keep echoing in my head.


I often hear rivers still not working


And usually is not working either, both are correct


There’s no translation given… What does this mean?


"I often hear rivers". You must be using the app, not the browser version. That is some technical issue, still not resolved. The translation is not displayed. I have seen this problem many times.


the sentence is odd - has no sense


Poetic or maybe hearing loss


I hear the sound of the river often


Why is the word order like this. As the important noun is folyokat, should it not be before the verb? The important information is 'what' the person hears, not that the person hears.


But since the noun is in the back then it is less important than the rest, so the frequency is getting emphasized instead of the what is being heard. I guess context is kinda missing here to make this sentence more acceptable. "I am travelling through this side of the country and i frequently hear rivers". Other contexts could be tinnitus, or well.. hearing things. When the what is more important then the context could be "the noise pollution is not that bad where i live and i can hear the rivers frequently"

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