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  5. "זאת אמנו."

"זאת אמנו."

Translation:This is our mother.

August 8, 2016



This is our mom


How would you say "this is our artist"? I know it doesn't really make sense, but would it be possible in such a form? Since I know אמן is artist, would it be אמננו?


Yes, pronounced "omanénu". זה אמננו


'It is our mum' doesn't sound right. Why would you call your mum 'it'?


There are contexts in which this would be just fine in (U.S.) English. "Who is it? It is our mom[/mum]." As I recall, some linguists call this identificational (or narrow-focus) articulation, which is used in specific communicative contexts/situations to identify someone or something, answering questions such as "Who/what is it?" (for example, when taking or answering a phone call). The above utterance is another variation of identificational articulation, using a demonstrative pronoun. Depending on the context, it often identifies who "this" is—in this case, "our mom[/mum]". It can also be used, however, to identify who "our mother" is: "This is" (or, more explicitly, "This is our mother"), answering either implicit or explicit questions/assumptions like "Who is your mother?" (for example, when looking at old family pictures/photographs).


Here's a family photo. It looks like a dog, but it's really my baby sister. And, that's our mom right before she had our brother...


This or that. For It I would use זה in this sentence.


מאמא רוחעל


What does it mean?


Why did the last letter go away? Why not אמאנו?


Because the suffixes are added to the more formal word for mother אם. Hence אמנו

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