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"It is not a lawyer I have, but money."

Translation:Nem ügyvédem van, hanem pénzem.

August 8, 2016



wow. while all the other language courses tend to be funny and cheerful, this hungarian sentence really gives you a taste of the bitter central eastern european culture. az egyik szemem sír a másik nevet.


A helyzet reménytelen, de nem komoly.


Is it okay to say "Nem ügyvédem van nekem, hanem pénzem"? For some reason it just seems odd to me to leave out "nekem." XD In what situations can you leave out the pronoun?


You need the pronoun when you make a contrast between what two people have.

When you just talk about one person, you can leave it out, they will understand it from the ending of the noun. (You can still use it, though, but it will emphasise the person.)


Can you also say Nekem nincs ügyvédem, hanem pénzem.


------ duo just did for me, rozsika'm . . .

Big 26 nov 18

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