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Hebrew keyboard

I was very excited to see that the Hebrew for English speakers course is available in Beta. It is cumbersome to switch back and forth on my computer between English and Hebrew keyboards. Is it possible to embed a Hebrew keyboard within the program so we can effortlessly switch between exercises requiring us to type in English and those that require typing in Hebrew?

August 8, 2016



I agree. Embeded keybord should be much easier, and probably would stop me from abandoning this course


I've only been using duo on mobile or tablet and this possibly doesn't help or isn't the best answer but can you set a hot key to easily flip back and forth?

I know you can on Macs. Been studying Hebrew off and on fot years and have a Hebrew keyboard cover for my macbook and can basically just hit one key I've picked on my keyboard and easily switch to Hebrew. I love it, it's super easy. I have no idea about PCs however and of course you'd need some kind of keyboard stickers or cover if you don't have those already. On a Mac you'd go to the keyboard language settings and there should be an option to set a hot key there. Suppose you could Google if thats an option for PCs as well.


Ok. Thanks. But, why not simple solution: including the alphabet in the program. Like in spanish course?


How do you do that? I have a mac


Which version of Mas Os do you have? You might be better off Googling it because my MacBook is having problems and I set mine up on multiple Macs several operating systems ago but a quick search found me this guide for OS Mountain Lion- https://support.apple.com/kb/ph11251?locale=en_US

Basically I'm fairly sure if you go to settings, you should see an option in either the keyboard or language settings. Apple should have Hebrew and a bunch of other language keyboards pre installed so it's super easy. I think even with a keyboard option selected (or hotkey is what they used to call it) you'll still have the language input option mentioned in the first part as well, at least on older versions of OS X I always had the option to switch from a menu at the top near the time display as well.

I'm probably doing a terrible job explaining it but it really is super easy once it's set up (and easy to set up, I'm pretty sure I found the option on accident the first time!) it feels a lot like switching keyboards on an iPad or mobile phone when you have it set up so perfect for using Duo when you need to swap back and forth a lot.


I got it, thank you


That would be very useful!


Switch between English and Hebrew on Android with just a single tap. On a PC running Windows it's just Alt+Shift. Touch-typing the Hebrew (so you can check on-screen which language you are using) does help!


It turns out then English QWERTY keyboard is already embedded in the Hebrew keyboard. Just hit caps lock for English!

Sure, it'll look like you're shouting all your answers, but duolingo doesn't care. :)


this is what i want to do?????


i need a hebrew keyboard

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