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  5. "Se lui cammina, io cammino."

"Se lui cammina, io cammino."

Translation:If he walks, I walk.

August 8, 2016



Or just downright stubborn


Does this have the same meaning(s) in Italian as en English? I mean especially the meaning which seems most natural for the English sentence, i.e., "if he leaves, I leave" ?

"4. NORTH AMERICAN informal abandon or suddenly withdraw from a job or commitment. "he was in place as the male lead but walked at the eleventh hour" be released from suspicion or from a charge. "had any of the others come clean during the trial, he might have walked""


I have never heard of this use of 'camminare'. It rather literally refers to walking, down the street or in park for instance. However, dizionario-italiano.it claims it can figuratively mean 'to advance, to progress', bit I don't know if here it could be a valid translation


When i move, you move. Just like that. Sorry i had to.


Is this the same "Se" that is used in Reflexive sentences?


No, in Italian 'se' can mean two different things - either 'if' or the reflexive pronoun, you have to figure it out from the context

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