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  5. "Tu pato bebe agua."

"Tu pato bebe agua."

Translation:Your duck drinks water.

February 2, 2013



What is the difference between tu and tú? I always get confused.


Tu is for 'your' (tu gato - your cat) and tú is for 'you' (tú bebes - you drink).


and how to distinguish their difference of pronunciation?


As far as I've been able to understand, there is no difference in their pronunciations.


But you can tell which by context, like if the following word is a noun (your, tu) or verb (you, tú)


Several times I have put the right answer into the field but your system does not recognize it.


Like if you looked at it's possible translations and put one other than the first one as your answer?


what is the difference between tu with an accent and tus


I need to get better at listening. I thought she said gato not pato


my "pato" just turned ito a "gato", over the time!!!


I want a new duck One that won't try to bite One that won't chew a hole in my socks One that won't quack all night

I want a new duck One with big webbed feet One that knows how to wash my car And keep his room real neat

One that won't raid the ice box One that'll stay in shape One that's never gonna try to migrate or escape Or I'll tie him up with duck tape

I want a new duck A mallard I think One that won't make a mess of my house Or build a nest in the bathroom sink

I want a new duck One that won't steal my beer One that won't stick his bill in my mail One that knows the duck stops here

One that won't drive me crazy waddling all around One who'll teach me how to swim and help me not to drown And show me how to get down How to get down baby


I can see your copy+paste skills here.


don't get the difference between drink and drinks


Do you mean the spanish verb conjugations? Or just the english verb conjugations? Because they don't directly translate. It depends on who is doing the action, for example "to drink"- I drink, you drink, he/she drinkS, they drink. Or "to be"- I aM, you aRE, he/she IS, they aRE. It's just something you remember or learn to figure out.


I keep missing a letter they should just allow it


I think the difference between "tu" and "tú" is definitely how you pronounce them both. "Tu" is exactly how it looks; whereas, "tú" has more of a "Ooooo" sound on the "u". If that makes sense?


Oops, i said my papa drank water.


I dont understand how "is" is incorparated into the spanish sentences.


I accidently put ducks instead of duck and they marked it wrong. How stupid is that?


I swear it said their potato drinks water for a minute, and I was like "what in the world?"


You ducks are.... . How would we translate this then?


If anyone is having trouble, just tap the word and it tells you its meaning

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