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"Birds do not fly above Beijing."

Translation:Peking fölött nem repülnek madarak.

August 8, 2016



Madarak nem repülnek Peking fölott - is this one incorrect?


It's correct, just as good as the other version and there is no substantial difference in meaning.


Peking felett nem szállnak madarak.


Peking fölött a madarak nem repülnek. Not accepted, reported. Isn't this a general statement? Birds do not fly above Beijing, as in, they never do. Therefore, don't we need the article "a" in order to make that point?


However, on thinking about it, a comparable sentence would be ebben az erdőben emberek nem laknak. It's a general statement but we don't need "az emberek." Perhaps this isn't a general statement in the way that "pigs grunt" would be a general statement or, perhaps more relevant, "ostriches do not fly."

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