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"A kis, zöld emberek elfutnak a rendőrtől."

Translation:The small, green people run away from the policeman.

August 8, 2016



Is the course changing from flying kindergarten teachers to little green men? Can we have both?


Do you mean 'little green flying kindergarten teachers?' I'm sure it's not beyond the Realm of possibilities with this course, but please don't give them any more ideas!


how do you know they are men, especially since they seem to be coming from another planet? I wrote "people" and it was rejected. I reported.


They probably used men because "little green men" is a set phrase in English.


people is now accepted, as it should be


Is the 'sh' sound in kis omitted because of the z in the next word, or is it there and I just can't hear it?


The end of one word tends to run together with the beginning of the next in Hungarian. Depending on the combination of consonants, that can produce various results. I think what you hear in this is basically kizzöld - the doubled length is clearly audible but the first consonant changes because s followed by z is not a normal combination of sounds.


This is one reason why providing slow audio is a nontrivial problem because if you were making a special effort to speak slowly, then you would separate the words and articulate the final and initial consonants distinctly. But the correct pronunciation in normal speech combines them.


I get your point about the problem with slow audio and to be able to understand a normal speech in real life but I believe that it is too early at that stage of the course.

I am french and in french we often "swallow" half the words when we speak but I don't believe it would be fair to force beginners to guess what we are saying. First learn the language as well as possible and then one can practise with a conversation course or whatever.


I agree with jsiehler. Hungarians pronounce EVERY letter, but when speaking faster the letters may blend together. That is why when trying to spellcheck yourself, even native speakers separate words into their syllables and then get how to spell them correctly. eg: Men-je-tek ki a le-ve-gő-re és ját-sza-tok a töb-bi-ek-kel." (Go out (to the fresh air) and play with the others).


It's interesting that you noted that jsiehler. It seems to me that throughout the course Hungarian has been created to match an English phrase; like "little green men" is used here. Much of the time the "correct translation" is not consistantly applied though. "Little green men" here is "small green people" in other places. An expected problem since this program is in beta. I say it's a "problem" because if I don't remember the exact "correct" translation I can't finish the unit and unlock the next one.


Yes! worthy of note. I've been a bit frustrated, too with a lack of consistency with exact translation.


The Martians have landed.


I think I've had enough of ET's, let get down to earth.


Is this Hungary or Mars?

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