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Olympics in Italian!

Did anyone else catch what the pair of Italian women synchronized divers said to each other before diving yesterday?

  • Pronta?
  • Uno, due, tre

I know they are simple words, but it is still fun to understand exactly what they are saying :D

August 8, 2016



I did. It's actually a lot like Spanish. "Ready?" 'yes.' "One, Two, Three"


I did understand her... Ready? Yes. One, Two, Three... almost two years here on Duo and I can at least get that much :-)


I saw that, too; and I enjoyed being able to understand what they were saying.


Something must be rubbing off because I now find myself cheering for the Italian team.

Was really disappointed in the womens archery team. They could so easily have been in the finals but instead they ended up without a medal.

I was also disappointed in the womens epee fencing finals. Leading by 10-6 and she ends up with silver!

Come on Italy...


I did as well. I thought it was so awesome to be able to understand them even though it was simple Italian.

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