"Meu lustre"

Translation:My chandelier

February 2, 2013



Is there such a profusion of chandeliers in Brazil that the word needs to be part of our vocabulary.


Well we do have our own term for chandeliers as opposed to lamps so I don't see the problem


of all the words that are listed as translations, chandelier is not one of them.


Honestly, I've never heard "lustre" to describe lamp or ceiling lamp. I have portuguese parents but have gone to school and worked with Brazilians, and have a Brazilian brother-in-law, and this is news to me : Either way, the first translation given is lamp, but then you get marked wrong for not calling it "ceiling lamp" or "chandelier"? This is frustrating :\


The word lustre is completely normal. We say that. Often we won't have a context to talk about it (who talks about chandelier??), but the word exists and everyone is aware of it.

Second of all, I'm not sure what you call lamp in your country, but I think it is "lâmpada" in portuguese.

Lustre is not the lamp, not the light, lustre is the structure that supports the lamp, which gives us light. haha


Lamp is accepted.


this word needs to be removed. won't ever use the phrase "pendant lamp" in my life.


Sia - Chandelier ♥


Chandelier was given as a translation on my first contact with the word but I agree with lesliewilman


Are we sure it's not light? hrm...


Light is luz in portuguese. You can use lamp or chandalier. But "lustre" isn't a word we often use here in Brazil. I think duolingo didn't use the best word. Maybe in Portugal they use more.


When you mouse over it, it says lamp, but according to the Portuguese Wikipedia, lustre is a chandelier http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lustre


agreed. there was nothing to indicate that "chandelier" was an option. We should not have to go to translators off of duolingo to find the correct translations.


Interesting... when I put "chandelier" into a translator (babylon9 is my fave so far) it translates it as "candelabro." When I put "lustre" into the translator, it translates it into English as "glaze, luster; sheen, shine; shoeshine." Chandelier is not among the words..... Is babylon9 wrong? They are not always correct, but it is the best translator I have found so far.... Erudis? Any thoughts? :)

  • Candelabro = Candelabrum or candle tree (a candlestick with multiple arms)
  • Lustre = Chandelier

Lustre also means luster, or the shine of something. But it's not often used in that sense, just like the word luster in English (brilho / shine is way more common). The verb lustrar (to polish) is a bit more common, so you can learn that by association.


Muito obrigada, meu amigo. :)


Yeah let's just all agree that one way or another, that sentence is awkward.. lol



Or " My pendant lamp"


have never heard of a pendant lamp in my life!


I live in the UK and a "pendant lamp" was an unfamiliar concept when I first started using Duolingo. The expression is quite descriptive, though, and since then I've seen the term in lots of places and it even seems to be preferred over "ceiling light/lamp" in my local Ikea:



That's the first breathing pendant lamp I've ever seen in my entire life! :-D


I need one in my green bedroom!! =)


Thanks so it can be any lamp that hangs from a ceiling? I also live in the UK and had never heard it until today!


That's my understanding. Anything from a bare bulb hanging from a tatty ceiling rose to a full blown chandelier can be called a pendant lamp it seems.

The term "lustre", which is sometimes translated as "pendant lamp", appears to be a survivor from bygone days when candlestick holders with multiple arms hung from ceilings. The closest translation for what I call a ceiling light is a "luminária de teto" I think.



Well, a pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender or pendant lamp, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. I do not speak english!


I've been hearing about pendant lamps constantly with these home improvement shows they show on TV.


how often do people say this word for it to be learned here? lamp or light (both words for light fixtures in US English) should be more than sufficient to get the point across. chandelier is hardly used in conversation especially considering most people don't have chandeliers in their homes.


The other sentence said (O meu lustre e branco) pendant light. So then i answered that way now it says it's wrong. But when you click on lustre it also says pendant light. If its going to mark me wrong then it shouldn't be there as a choice

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