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"Ich bin Student und mein Bruder ist Schüler."

Translation:I am a university student and my brother is a pupil.

August 8, 2016



I translated it as "I go to university and my brother goes to high school." The word "pupil" is rarely used in everyday American-English.


The English translation is probably this way because in English the student could as well be someone who goes to college or high school, while in German the "Student" is someone at university and the "Schüler" is someone who goes to school.


I am a University student and my brother is a school student. should be acceptable then, I got an error on this though which is weird. As NealAnn said, pupil is rarely used these days. They are a at school or a school student, not a pupil.


There's another solution, not only pupil. I wrote, "I am a university student and my brother is a student.", and that's marked correct.


That is how I translated the phrase, and it was accepted.


"I am a student and my brother is a student," is also accepted by Duolingo.


But "i am a student and my brother is a pupil" wasnt accepted


Since it is a female speaker why isn't 'Ich bin Studentin' accepted?


It's confusing that a female voice is referring to herself as Student rather than Studentin.


I thought it was a girl speaking


It doent mentioned "a"


I wrote i am unvercity studend instead of "a university student" and it consider it wrong answer


In English you need to have the article "a" - I am a student. German doesn't require this for professions - Ich bin Arzt (I am a doctor NOT I am doctor).


It should really say Universität in the audio if they insist on the English translation specifying that it's a university student. I've heard / read / spoken enough examples to know that there's no big thing in German about specifying university student every time someone says they're a student.


Not entirely true. In German you would not specify that you are Student at a Universität, because the word Student already contains this meaning. Anyone who isn't a university student isn't called "Student" in German (usually "Schüler" then).


Studrnt doesn't specifically mean university student in American English and neither does pupil mean only grade school. You're trying to mske them into German words


If we didn't have articles in german translation (ein), how come we are getting them in english (a student, a pupil) ?


It's the what both languages "do". English likes/needs the article before a profession and German doesn't.

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