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  5. "זאת גבינה מחודש יולי שעבר!"

"זאת גבינה מחודש יולי שעבר!"

Translation:This is cheese from last July!

August 8, 2016



Could you also say זאת גבינה מיולי שעבר? Or do you have to specify "חודש"?


Yes that is also correct.


Are you sure of this sentence in english ? This is The cheese from ...or this cheese is from ....


"This cheese is from" would be "הגבינה הזאת מ".

"This is the cheese from" would be "זאת הגבינה מ".

"This is cheese from..." is the best English translation of the given sentence.


I typed: This cheese is from last July, and it was marked correct.


1.Can this be accepted as well : זאת גבינה מ"ה"חודש "של" יולי שעבר ?

2.In a previous exercise, a sentence was : הוא שותה מיץ משבוע שעבר Shouldn't it be מ"ה"שבוע שעבר as in : from "the" week that passed ?


i think that in hebrew the ה is not needed because you understand that was last week and not a week that passed, because no one says "he drinks a juice from a week that passed"

  1. No. (I think English is strange here; why "the month of July"? Is it because the language retains some archaic notion where "July" is not the name of the month, but another entity (Ave, Caesar!) to whom the month is related?)

  2. Saying "מיץ מהשבוע שעבר" looks to me actually more correct than "משבוע שעבר", and it's what I'd expect in a newspaper. And it sounds OK in speaking, too, but משבוע שעבר is surely more common there.


Pronounced sha’avar or shavar?


I give up. In English, my answer above, is correct. But who cares???? People who speak English correctly would not say "a cheese . . . "

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