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  5. Finished my Danish tree :)


Finished my Danish tree :)

I've just finished my Danish tree. Well, what can I say... The course is amazing! Especially I enjoyed the "Danish culture" and "Once upon" skills. These wonderful sentences about vikings and love and elves and Christmas... so sweet :) And that HC Andersen theme? Such a great idea to include it into the course! Det er vidunderligt :)

My favorite word is fødselsdagsgave :) And my favorite sentence is Nisser elsker når det er jul, fordi de mødes og laver julegaver (Elves love when it is Christmas, because they meet and make Christmas presents) :) When I think about Denmark, I imagine snow, vikings, beautiful villages and winter fairytales (although I visited Copenhagen in June and it was terribly warm there :)))

Dear Danish Team, mange tak for your wonderful course :) It was such a pleasure.

August 8, 2016



Congratulations! Looks like you've done quite a few trees!

I agree, the Danish tree is pretty fun, and the language itself really is interesting. I still crack up when I hear certain words pronounced "pigen" for example. And you're so right about some of the charming skills and sentences, especially toward the end of the tree.

When people post questions asking what language they should learn (or learn next) I often suggest Danish.

I finished the tree some time ago, and review skills a little once in a while, but it doesn't seem to have made much impact on me.

To illustrate my Danish listening proficiency, I've been watching the Danish TV series "Borgen" (I'm renting the DVDs from Netflix), and find that I understand about 4% of the dialog. (I put this in, because people frequently ask how "fluent" one will be after completing a tree. My answer is, not very. Not without additional outside resources and time and effort. Duolingo is an excellent introduction and gets you to a place where you should be able to study and learn independently, but you will NOT be "fluent," sorry.)

(ps "Borgen" is excellent TV, even if you don't speak Danish!)

For me, doing the Danish tree was a diversion, a hobby, something fun to do. Frankly I never put much outside effort into improving my Danish because other languages are more important to me at the moment, and I only have so much time.

Plus, I basically expect that virtually every Dane is far better in English than I could ever be in Danish, so my effort is better rewarded by studying, say, Russian (which tree I finished a while back).

That said, for someone who loves languages and learns them as a hobby as I do, Danish is a fun adventure, and not terribly difficult for the English speaker (compared to Russian or Turkish!) to take on.

I've since taken a look at Swedish and Norwegian, but they just feel like inferior versions of Danish to me! Sorry, no offense. What I mean is that Danish has imprinted on my brain as "normal" and the other two Scandinavian languages I've looked at are far too similar to Danish to keep separate in my brain, but just seem a little bit like Danish with some "mistakes". I'm sure if I had studied Swedish or Norwegian first, those would have seemed "normal," and then Danish would have seemed "wrong."


Tillykke med din store træsamling! Du allerede har gjort et forbløffende antal kurser, og det ser ud til at du vil gøre hvert enkelt træ. Fortsæt det gode arbejde!


Congratulations! :) Hopefully I'll get to finish Danish tree soon as well!


Mange tak! Held og lykke med at lære dansk! :)


Tillykke med at have fuldført træet!


im just getting to the last 3 hours of the course.
Saw you'd started yours just as I was beginning earlier today. This commentary only heightenned my steam to finish it. "Learn Danish in Less Than Two Days" I'd not have believed until this course. Naturally it's going to take some practice after that to really wear in. ... but wow. Good work people. Excellent stuff. And Olja, thanks a bunch for the inspiring post.


Learn Danish in less that two days! WHAT! I've been working at this for 8 months! I'm still only a third of the way through!! Well. This is depressing. But seriously, how the hell have you done this? Do you speak the other Scandinavian languages and this is similar? *sigh...


I am more your speed....


nope, it was a mistake. i was thinking that 3 hours more was unlikely. i have no idea what that 3 hours was about. Forget that, I've got hours left!

Having said that - for showoff stripes and whistles :P - i am at 49% fluency (sosayeth the bright green owl) and that was within a week.

And yes, you outted the secret, i lived in denmark and sweden for a time, each. Lovely languages! Though tbh im really only learning it now. (Thanks owlman...)

As per your investment in 8 months. That sounds a lot more realistic, and it might just take me that long as well.... I might be half way through, but busy as I am, catching up on 3 days of slipbacks is literally a whole day of catchup. WOW OWLMAN. "How you gunna do me like that" - i find myself muttering.... not yet in danish...

Keep it up luv. I salute you for keeping it up for months, and I'll surely see you on the other end of this with a big nahnahnni booboo, rof, IF i ever get there.. Are you moving to DK by chance? I'm interested in how we might pre-ordinately set up some roots!

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