"I have a yellow and red peach."

Translation:יש לי אפרסק צהוב ואדום.

August 8, 2016

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Yesh li afarsek tzahov ve'adom.


Thanks for always providing the pronunciation, it's very helpful


If I say אֲפַרְסֵק צָהֹב וְאָדֹם, doesn't have the peach one yellow and a red side, like: חִפַּ֫שְׂתִּי בְּכׇל מָקוֹם אֶת הַסְּוֶ֫דֶר הַאָדֹם וְהַיָּרֹק שֶׁלִּי I was looking everywhere for my red and green sweater. If these are different peaches, I would say something like יֵשׁ לִי שְׁנֵי אֲפַרְסֵקִים, אֶחָד צָהֹב וְאֶחָד אָדֹם I have two peaches, a yellow and a red one.


could it be.... יש לי צהוב ואדום אפרסק the adjective before the noun... I thought it could be but was marked wrong


No, the adjectives in Hebrew are always after the noun.


What's wrong with לי יש אפרסק?


Well, it stresses the I of the sentence, so it sounds a bit like nyah, nyah, nyah, I have a peach and you not.


Okay, something is wrong. Your fill-in-the-blank sentence was all in the wrong order twice in a row, this time with ואדום first on the right and יש last on the left.


Small gripe. I wrote red and yellow (oops. Haha.) ... because that's how the English works in my head. Yellow and red is unusual ordering in English. Does Hebrew have a usual order for things like colours?


Well, I can only give some soft facts for this. Firstly there is the Law of Increasing Terms, like in free and easy or kit and caboodle, a tendency to start with the shorter term first, and another tendency to start with the most important item first, lie male and female (man as the prototype), but ladies and gentlemen (this out of courteousy), sun and moon (sun as the principal celestial object). In red and yellow you have both, as red is only a one-syllable word and red is a signal colour which most attracts attention. In Hebrew both אָדֹם and צָהֹם are of equal syllable weight, so the effect should be smaller. I think looking at its Ngram in English and Hebrew, this theory is supported. But as can be seen there this is no absolute rule, only a tendency outside coined expressions.


And ADAM was made from the RED dust of the earth.

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