"A bank a pályaudvar mögött van."

Translation:The bank is behind the train station.

August 8, 2016

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difference between hátul and mögött?


I believe that "hátul" is an adverb, whereas "mögött" is a postposition.

It's the difference between (1) the station is behind the XXX and (2) the station is in the rear/at the back.

For the sentence here, you need the postposition in order to express the relation beween two nouns (bank and station).


By the way. In UK, we would never use the word pair 'train station', only just 'station'. If it was a tube or bus, we would prefix with tube or bus, but for some reason, not train!


Can anyone please explain to me why "mögött" comes after both subjects?


That is typical of Hungarian, as you will also see in other sentences in this unit. Instead of PREpositions, Hungarian uses POSTpositions. Instead of 'A prep B', the pattern is 'AB post'.


I'm glad the 'maggots' are always behind me ((I hate seeing them).


Tbh for me such a scenario is even more scary!


Railway station is not incorrect as translation


It is still considered incorrect by duo.


UK and America are known "to be divided by a common language"! Eg. Suspenders in USA is what you use to hold your trousers up, whilst in UK it's what you use to hold your stockings up. In USA, trousers = pants. In UK pants are what you wear under your trousers.

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