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Typing Spanish accents.

[deactivated user]

    I found it troublesome typing the accents, and couldn't find any descent program that did what I want (and only what I want.)

    I wrote a teeny little program to type áéíóúüñ¡¿ relatively easy. Letter followed by the backwards apostrophe: a + ` = á (etc.)


    Totally free. Hope it helps someone. :-)

    (Great help for those speed exercises....let's you answer without interrupting the flow!)

    August 8, 2016



    Have you tried changing your keyboard layout to US-International? When you're in that mode, hitting ' will trigger "accent mode" where it will put an accent mark over the next letter you type. If you actually want to type a ' you just have to follow it with a space. It does the same thing for lots of other common accents like:

    • "+a=ä
    • `+a=à
    • ^+a=â

    I switched a few months ago, and it's incredibly convenient (once you get used to hitting the extra space whenever you need to make one of the trigger symbols).


    thansk, that was a great help

    [deactivated user]

      That looks like a good way of doing it, too, and certainly much better for other languages.

      I wanted one that would give me Spanish stuff, and only Spanish. Easier to type (for me) and less interference with other stuff. (Using the quote & carot to get accents would play havoc with my coding.) I picked the back-accent since I never use it elsewhere, and it's in a very convenient location on my keyboard.


      Fair point. That's the joy of being a programmer. If something doesn't work well for you, you can just make your own version :)

      Before I discovered the other keyboard layout, I was just memorizing the Alt codes for the accented characters. That method was somewhat tolerable for Spanish, but it got annoying real quick once I realized I needed to memorize the uppercase letters too (and especially so once I started Portuguese with its multiple different accent types).

      Glad you found something that works for you (and were willing to share it!).

      [deactivated user]

        Ya, I memorized few....but I'm really not good at memorizing stuff (learning Spanish is REALLY out of my comfort zone!)

        "....willing to share it!" Of course. Considering how much I'm getting out of DuoLingo, it'd be kinda crazy to NOT share it. :-)

        Just hope everyone finds a solution that works for them, whatever it may be.


        Ok. How do you turn that off? Where in the settings?


        It depends on your operating system. For me (using Windows 10), the keyboard layout stuff is under Start | Settings | Time & language | Region & Language. Try googling "changing keyboard layout <OS version>" with your specific operating system and you should find a guide.


        Ok! Thanks. It's really annoying when I have to type an apostrophe. I just hit something one day and didn't know what it was.


        That's awesome. I'll try it soon :)


        Good job. There is already a script that does a similar job through Greasemonkey though. Alt+letter produces accented letters or special letters based on what language you are learning. E.g. alt+a in the Spanish course produces á, while doing the same on a Polish exercise would result in the letter ą.

        [deactivated user]

          Thanks. :-)

          I avoided the alt combination, because it could interfere with a lot of Windows based programs. (Alt-O for open, Alt-U for underline, and the like.)

          In theory, mine won't (and it's pretty easy to hit the back-apostrophe to add the accent).

          Granted, if you actually want to type a vowel followed by the baccent (is that a word? Is now!) it's a more inconvenient, but not impossible.

          It would be kinda nice if language training sites had convenient links to such apps....including DuoLingo.


          Accents are easy on an iPad. You can add keyboards in Settings, and it will then give you the accents, or hold down a key and slide to the accent you want. Hope this helps.


          Works Thank you!


          Here's two lingots! Nicely done!

          [deactivated user]

            Muchas gracias, señor!


            Hello Peabianjay,

            Your program may be very useful for those who don't want to change their keyboard layout, kudos and thanks for putting it out there for free.

            Personally, as a native Spanish speaker I would agree with some other folks here that changing the keyboard layout to US-International may be one of the best options. The ñ (as in niño, niña) is produced by typing ~ + n, and the ó (as in canción) is produced by typing ' + o. Those two are the most common types of accented letters in Spanish. The dieresis type of accents as in (vergüenza) are no longer used, but can also be produced easily.

            I've been using the US-International keyboard layout for many years and learnt to get use to it, and it's also helping me learn German. I can type the German umlaut letters ö, ü and the ß Eszet letter with great ease.


            [deactivated user]

              Thanks for the feedback! So long as people have something that works!


              Might be a bit paranoid, but you can't be too safe on the internet.

              Should post an .exe scan and checksum just in case.

              [deactivated user]

                Yes. Be safe! I can promise it's a safe exe....but don't trust me. (You don't know me!) Check it yourself.


                Thank you to all those who have posted in this discussion. Reading through has been helpful. :o) I would like to use the US international keyboard for the appropriate accents and it seems like most of this discussion is geared towards computers. I use my phone for most of my duolingo work and do not have a US Intl keyboard as an option. Any suggestions? (Phone=android). Thanks!

                [deactivated user]

                  I think most (all?) touch screen keyboards allow "touch & hold" which will give you pop up options of a variety of letters with accents.


                  Thank you--for some inexplicable reason I never thought about the "touch & hold" on keyboard. I guess that's an indication that it's been a very long time since I have used that feature. (I used it as soon as I read your reply.)

                  [deactivated user]

                    No problemo. :-) I found it accidentally, myself. (Not enough coffee, or something....my fingers were slow that day.)

                    (Seems that a lot of new software has a lot of hidden "easter eggs" so-to-speak. Documentation tends to be VERY lacking.)


                    Even the android device should allow you to change the keyboard language to Spanish, my Android tablet has Spanish, English and Deutsch. I'm not sure if it's the keyboard or Duolingo but when I'm practicing my lessons it even detects automatically which language I'm suppose to be writing on. To write Spanish accents using an android device, just press and hold the letter until a small menu of accented letters pop-up then choose the accented letter you need, it's easy and you waste no time.


                    Thank you! Please see my reply under peabianjay (just didnt want to post duplicate message.)


                    No offence intended to this poster, but I would strongly caution against downloading and executing random Windows executables from the internet. Also, you really don't need a program to type accented characters.

                    [deactivated user]

                      No offence taken. It's true, it can be risky. I can assure it's safe....but you have no idea who I am.

                      Use a scanner on it, or download to a safe machine. (Personally, I have a second computer for doing risky things. If it gets corrupted, I really don't care....though it never has, except for Windows 10, which is a virus unto itself.)

                      No, you don't really need a program to type them....but I think mine is more convenient than what's available in Windows. (Windows tends to overkill with options...making ALL options inconvenient.) Choice is yours, either way.

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