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"אם אתם מערבבים אדום וכחול, אתם יוצרים סגול."

Translation:If you mix red and blue, you create purple.

August 8, 2016



Why is he pronouncing כחול with a soft כ? It sounds like two ח's.


Because of the ו, it makes the next letter soft. But only in formal speech, in daily conversation I would totally say "vekachol".


Anyone else hear the little slurp at the end?


Yes, sounds like the microphone being turned off.


Could there be "violet" instead of "purple"?


Im atem mearbevim adom vekakhol, atem yotsrim sagol.


Is not there some list of new words for each lesson anywhere I do not know about? I searched the tips and notes and there is an alphabetical list of the whole course words. Not useful. And to copy new words into paper and memorize them like school work three decade ago is not practical for me and not why I am using a mobile app for. Depending on repeating the new verbs and words through out Doulingo lessons is also not working for me. I do two lessons a day and the verbs won't recycle till next level. From yesterday I can't recall a verb but "mefasfes", just becuase it sounds funny


There is no list of new words for each lesson that I know about.

If you are committed to learning Hebrew, you’ll find the way which works best for you to remember the words. If you learn best by hearing, maybe you can record new words and their meanings into the recording app of your phone. If you are a visual learner, you might have to write out the words in the alphabet of your language to remember them. I find that it helps to work on memorizing the word when it first appears because that helps me not to feel lost when it appears later.

Use memory tricks to connect the new word to something you already know. I remember that maspik means enough because I see the word as “Ma speak... what does Ma speak? Enough!” When you imagine these little happenings in your mind, such as when Ma speaks Enough! the more ridiculous and emotional the happening is, the more likely you will be to remember it.


Sad not to have a list of new words before each lesson. And thank you a lot for your answer and help. I am using all the memory tricks. yet, I have just finished a sentence for a verb meaning "organize" just by typing these lines in this answer makes me have no clue what is this verb


I used Google Translate to find out that to organize is לארגן le’argen and then I plugged that word into Pealim and found out that “he organizes” is meargen מארגן.


יצרים is drawin or colouring, not making.


Drawing is לצייר. Creating is ליצור.

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is the word you mix in plural spelled correct or do you have an extra ב


I think it is correct, מערבבים


Excellent question. There is a biblical מערבים in the same sense, the root ערב. In the Talmud they somtimes doubled the bet, creating the "square root" ערבב. Not sure why - maybe מערבים got other meanings and they wanted to differentiate. In modern Hebrew it's only מערבבים, while מערבים came to mean "involve" or "engage", as in אנחנו מערבים את המשטרה - "we're looping in the police" (not sure what's the best way to say it in English...)


In English make and create can be used interchangeably. But I got it wrong?


When I looked up yotsrim on Pealim, only “create” was listed. We already learned the word “to do” עשותל la’asot , so here Duolingo wants you to practice ליצור litsor, to create.

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